The Animals

The animals at L’Agave live freely in the fields and woods.

The Cinta Senese pigs were the first to arrive and over the years we’ve added Livorno hens, Guinea fowl, rabbits, ducks and the donkeys Pippo and Bianchina.

Within our fences you’ll see pink pigs alongside the traditional Cinta pigs. They’re the result of a cross-breeding started years ago in order to be able to produce salami; the fat of the pure-bred Cinta was so oily that we couldn’t manage to age it. This one eighth insertion of a large white pig has enabled us to produce excellent salumi. The boar is a pure-bred Cinta though.

Next to the pigs are the donkeys, which increase in number every year, and the chickens and Guinea fowl that give us fresh eggs every day.


Throughout the year there’s a standing appointment for our younger guests with Jimmy and Pietro who leave with the red tractor and see the just born piglets, feed the animals, and collect the eggs.

L’Agave is an area for restocking and catching wildlife so it’s easy to see – especially in autumn – hares and pheasants. Wild boar often arrive in search of food and the greedy, unavoidable swallows visit us every spring to find their nests untouched.