Olio Extra vergine d’Oliva

The organic extra virgin olive oil from Podere l’Agave is the fruit of the care and love the we have for this land. Every year we plant new olive trees and work to produce the best possible olive oil. Our aim is to get to the start of October with healthy olives that haven’t been attacked by flies. We gather the olives when they begin to ripen and we take them for pressing the same day.

The three parameters for obtaining good oil are:

Acidity – a good extra virgin oil shouldn’t be above 0.4%, and ours never goes beyond 0.3%
Peroxides – Peroxides are a type of oxidative alteration. They are the sign of the degradation and ageing of the oil. The law allows a maximum value of 20 mEq O2/kg for olive oil.
Polyphenols – These are anti-oxidants that prevent tumors, arteriosclerosis and other illnesses, and slow down ageing. Increasing this value, therefore, increases the beneficial qualities of the oil itself because the polyphenols slow down the ageing process both in the oil and in the person who consumes it. Our oil contains a polyphenol quantity above 300 mg/Kg,

Only extra virgin olive oil is a real “fruit juice”; olive oil though is a mixture of defective olive oils – called “lampante” olive oil (either chemically too acid or with defects in the taste) – considered unsuitable for human consumption. These are therefore rectified through chemical processes and then mixed with a small amount of (non extra) virgin olive oil in order to obtain an edible product.

If you visit us you can buy it every day from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., or we can send it anywhere in Europe.