The farm spreads over 22 hectares on the hills behind San Vincenzo and it surrounds the agriturismo, which means that it’s protected from noise and dangers. We’re in the heart of the Costa degli Etruschi, a special place where the Tuscan hills roll gently down to the sea. In this wonderfully natural setting the Podere l’Agave raises Cinta Senese pigs semi-free range in the farm’s woods and fields.
There are lots of wild animals that live alongside the Cinta Senese pigs, creating a unique eco-system.

The animals at L’Agave live freely in the fields and woods. The Cinta Senese pigs were the first to arrive and over the years we’ve added Livorno hens, Guinea fowl, rabbits, ducks and the donkeys Pippo and Bianchina.
Throughout the year there’s a standing appointment for our younger guests with Jimmy and Pietro who leave with the tractor and see the just-born piglets, feed the animals, and collect the eggs.
L’Agave is an area for restocking and catching wildlife so it’s easy to see – especially in autumn – hares and pheasants. Wild boar often arrive in search of food and the greedy, unavoidable swallows visit us every spring to find their nests untouched.

We produce Cinta Senese salumi, organic extra virgin olive oil and jams.

If you visit us you can buy them every day from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., or we can send them anywhere in Europe.

We’re an organic business. We don’t use poisons out of respect for our children, our guests and our customers. We produce seasonal fruit and vegetables, jams and organic fields for our animals but, above all, we produce organic extra-virgin olive oil and salumi.

Ours is a small-scale production. We sell our products at l’Agave, in all of Italy and abroad.